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A Public Relations, Communications, Consulting and Strategy Firm Specializing in Radio and Television.  Offering Radio Media Tours, Satellite Media Tours, Television Ground Tours, Ad Production & Placement, Radio Time Buying, Audio News Release Production and Placement, Actualities Recording and Distribution, Podcast, Bites and B-Roll Packages, Satellite Uplink and Downlink, Media Training and other broadcast media services.

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Satellite Media Tour

Satellite Media Tours or SMT's are an excellent way to effectively communicate a client's message. Our experienced team now has the ability and resources to harness our over 21+ company years and some 175 staff years to provide our clients with television coverage by organizing and conducting an SMT. To date, our team has successfully booked over 2,500 local and network television interviews. We’ve booked interviews with national networks such as Fox News Edge, NBC News Channel, CBS News Path, CNN News Source, as well as with the Today Show, CNN’s American Morning, the NBC Nightly News, Fox & Friends, CBS’s Early Show, CNBC’s Squawk on the Street, Fox Business’ Varney and Company, and MSNBC’s Jansing and Co and Hardball, to name a few.

Radio Media Tour

To make any radio media tour a success, Strauss Media Strategies works to set up live, taped, and live-to-tape radio interviews with a variety of spokespeople or for one spokesperson in advance. We have used radio media tours to set up and coordinate tens of thousands of interviews with media all over the country. These interviews have taken place at all levels of radio, from the largest radio networks and syndicated programs, to top rated major market radio stations, to satellite and Internet radio, to targeted home town radio stations in rural areas. Our bilingual and multicultural staff also has considerable expertise and experience in booking African American and Spanish Language interviews.

Television Ground Tour

In a ground tour, our staff books in-studio interviews for the guest for both national and local TV outlets. Strauss Media Strategies takes care of the booking arrangements. A ground tour is an excellent alternative to an SMT for a message that concentrates on a specific geographic area when the guest is able to be physically present in that area. Most networks also maintain studios on Washington, Los Angeles, New York, and other major cities that can be utilized for network interviews. Network interviews can also often be arranged using the local studios of affiliate stations. Television ground tours can be booked one a one-off basis, or in a grouping of several interviews that take place over time.