L2 is America's leading voter, consumer and modeled issue data provider. For over four decades L2 has set the standard for voter file quality giving national to local campaigns, consultants, pollsters, PACs and other organizations the ability to reach only the voters they need with the greatest accuracy. L2's landline/cell phone numbers originate from seven national sources with 80% coverage, 10s of millions of emails continually scrubbed and mailing addresses run against the NCOA database every 30 days. L2 also maintains a 250 million record adult database. All of L2's data is accessible our online platform L2 VoterMapping.

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Data only works if it's usable. L2 VoterMapping gives you the power to make selections, instantly see counts, do analyses and purchase and export only the data you need. This web-based platform requires NO software and is provided to your organization at little or no cost if you're buying data.

L2's enhanced voter data sets the standard for political outreach. L2's national voter file contains the most up-to-date voter records, hundreds of pieces of consumer and demographic information and modeled data ensuring party ID in every state and scores of issues and behavioral models. L2 data has been the backbone of tens of thousands of campaigns Presidential to local and political organizations from national trade associations to PACs and grassroots efforts. L2's data is appended with the most up-to-date phone, email, address, social media, cookie, and device ID information to bolster your outreach.

L2's modeled data was one of the biggest players in the 2016 cycle powering Presidential campaigns, PACs, issue campaigns and hundreds of other organizations nationwide. HaystaqDNA, known for their work with Obama for America in 2008, produced scores of issue and behavioral models allowing L2 clients to target based on: likely turnout, Trump support, ballot drop-off and issues including the environment, economy, marijuana, ride share, the social problems and dozens of others. Through DonorBureau L2 also has the ability to build donor models to make sure you’re targeting the most likely donors.