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Don't Let Overhead Wiegh you Down

Don't Let Overhead Wiegh you Down
by Mark Martini, Campaign Secrets

Overhead. It's a killer in business. And it's a killer for campaigns.

The bad part about overhead is that it sneaks up on you. Thirty dollars a month here, a trip to Office Depot there, and the next thing you know, you're struggling to keep your head above water.

Here are two creative ways you can cut down on your overhead.

Remember, money isn't the only thing people can contribute. Office supplies and equipment are helpful as well.

Look to law offices on this front. They're gold mines. Just about every law office has phone systems, fax machines, printers, desks, chairs, and the like in storage. They won't be the latest and greatest, but they will be free.

You might also consider having a "Stock the HQ" open house when you open your campaign headquarters. Instead of asking people to give money, ask them to bring office supplies. Little by little, it all adds up. A notebook here, a fax machine there and you're talking an additional 500 pieces of GOTV mail.

Pinch pennies today. You'll be thankful in October.

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