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Yard Signz

Yard Signz
by Mark H. Hendricks, Precision Signz

Very few persons really know what their yard signz are supposed to accomplish.  Because of this, we often get requests for signz with far too much information.  There's too much to be absorbed by the casual passerby. 

Yard signz have only two functions.  They are to build recognition and credibility whether for an issue or a candidate's name.  It's sad, but true, that most people will vote for the person or position they most recognize.  This is true in any race that is not at least state wide, even in primaries. 

Photographs, slogans and messages distract the reader from the main objectives.  So do complex graphics and bright, but illegible color combinations.  In fact, we often recommend that a candidate NOT spend the extra money for multiple colors, shadows or gradients (shades).  These can make a sign harder to read.  The same is true of bright color combinations.  The mistake most people make is thinking that because warning,  construction and traffic signz are bright that they must be easier to read.  On the contrary;  they are more readily noticed, but the actual wording can give the optical illusion of being blurred!  The purpose for which each was designed is totally different (that's why driver's tests require us to memorize sign shapes).  Generally, a one color sign,  with part being in reverse print and part being regular, will give you the most impact!

Use the money you save to purchase more or better quality signz.  Are you going to run again, even if you loose?  On orders of less 500, you can count on getting enough back that it will be worth the extra money to buy corrugated plastic signz.  They're not only weather proof, but totally reusable and many times over.  Corrugated makes sense for signz that will need to be up for more than 90 days as well.

If you need more than a few thousand signz, you aren't going to be getting them back.  Storing them would be a pain even if you could.  For quantities this large, I always recommend plastic bag signz.  While these have been available for a number of years, I've been surprised to find that many people are still not aware of what they are.  Imagine a shopping bag, from an expensive department store. Now imagine it is printed up side down and has no handle.  Of course it's about twice as thick, but that's a bag sign.  They are more susceptible to wind damage than other types of signz.  They also are more likley to wrinkle and be slightly less legible.  This is partly why it doesn't make sense to spend the extra money on them in small quantities, but in large quantities, the difference in price is so huge that these things just don't matter. They can very easily be replaced or just let go!

Regardless of the style of sign you might choose, or the way in which you have it printed, one thing is certain.  There is no more cost effective way to build recognition and credibility than with yard signz.

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