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Magnetic Signz

Magnetic Signz
by Mark H. Hendricks, Precision Signz

One of the most over looked tools in campaigning is the old fashioned campaign car magnet. Yard signz grab your attention on the way. Billboards are impressive, but magnetic signz go where people congregate.

Let's pretend that you live in a fairly rural county. You are running for something like auditor. Your budget is naturally limited, but you have several friends living along the main routes. One hundred yard signz can look pretty big. If a person drives those main routes a couple times a week and goes where most folks congregate, imagine how impressed they are when getting there they see your magnetic signz as well. It appears as if you have many times the support you do! In most rural counties we are talking less than two dozen magnet. These impressions are key to building both name recognition and credibility.

This strategy is particularly effective in rural areas that are dominated by one or two very large communities. Local office holders can't afford to pay for major media exposure. They'd be paying to reach too many people that won't be voting in their campaign. I've found it most difficult to find persons dumb enough, I mean, dedicated enough, to go door to door with hangers and such. Because traffic is spread out and sporadic, it's hard to get many repeated impressions from yard signz alone. Once again, the ability of magnetic signz to show up where people congregate, almost guarantees a large number of repeated impressions.

Only magnetic signz can do this. Bumper stickers are read in traffic. The same is true of static cling window signz. Magnets are on the side of the vehicle and exposed in passing, while parked as well as driving down the road. What's more, within reason, the smaller the better! Magnetic signz that are too big for the curves and trim on most automobiles and newer SUV's, actually become harder to read. The print gets distorted.

It is highly unlikely that anything will improve the impact of all your other campaign advertising like campaign car magnets. Particularly if you live in a rural area, you should give them a try.

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