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Announcing Your Candidacy

Some tips for announcing your candidacy.

1. Try to choose a date when news may be low.

You don’t want to compete with a local festival or fair, the arrival of some dignitary, a holiday. Weekdays are better than weekends

2. Don’t announce before you have your campaign plan and budget in place.

You should have at least an outline of how you plan to reach your 50% plus one vote and also how much money you will need to reach that goal.

3. Test your theme and message before you announce.

Why are you running for this office? What are the important issues in your campaign?

4. Selecting a location to announce is important.

It should relate to your message and be relevant to your district. (i.e. a toxic dump, the Board of Elections, a local school, city hall, a bus stop, train station, shopping mall, housing development, etc.). This is a major photo opportunity for your campaign. Choose the background carefully.

5. Call a press conference to announce.

You want to get as much coverage to your event as possible.

6. Be on time. You do not want negative press.

7. Have your own photographer.

If the press doesn’t show, you can provide a press release and a photo to the media.

8. Prepare a press kit.

The easier you make it for journalists, the better your chance for coverage. Call the press and remind them of the announcement.

9. Make sure you have many supporters present when you make your announcement.

You want to create excitement and enthusiasm about your campaign.

10. Be certain to inform the power base of your announcement.

The power base includes: the party, major local organizations, associations, clubs… You  want your announcement to be an event. You don’t want to anger or step on the toes of potential supporters. People in your power base don’t want to read about your candidacy in the newspapers. Even if they don’t come, they want to be informed of the event prior to its occurrence.

Best wishes in your campaign. For additional help in your campaign, check out the Political Resources Directory of Products & Services. http://PoliticalResources.com 

Carol Hess was a Political Consultant and Campaign Manager in the l970’s and early l980’s. She is President of Political Resources, Inc.

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