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Type of Signs

Sheila Maas, Cross & Oberlie

 There are principally three types of yard signs for political campaigns. These are:

Poly-Bag Signs Corrugated Plastic Signs Fold-over Signs

Each can present an effective graphic as a sign for lawn placement; there are characteristics, however, that can set them apart.

Poly-Bag Signs - Signs produced on plastic film take the form of white plastic bags or sleeves that can be slipped over U-shaped wires; the wire frames must be the same width of the bag in order to hold the bag taunt. Bag signs are normally printed by a web process which is cost effective only on high volume sign orders. The bags are low in bulk and weight. There is a manufacturing and shipping cost premium for the wider wires. The tendency of these signs to "bow out" at the bottom with the wind detracts aesthetically from their appearance.

Corrugated Plastic Signs - Fluted, corrugated plastic signs are very rigid and weather proof. They can easily be put up and taken down. Thus they are appropriate if a candidate runs year in and year out and is committed to the same message and look. As the medium is not completely opaque, two sided printed signs do have a "show thru". As being the more expensive than the other types, replacement cost during the campaign, due to theft and damage, and after the election, due to being misplaced, should be factored into the total cost equation.

The typical H frames, which are welded when fabricated, with one or two cross braces, are more expensive than other bent type frames. A few suppliers do offer cheaper, single pole wires.

Fold-over Signs - The last type of sign is the plastic coated, paperboard sign. Quality printers use a water proof laminate - the interior being an all white, opaque, stiff, solid bleached, paperboard core which has been treated for water resistance. This stock is then extruded on both surfaces with a plastic film.

This sign is then printed, but on one side. A back-score allows the sign to be folded - and edges either stapled or glued to form what is referred to as a double sided, fold-over sign. The sign is slipped over a U-shaped wire frame, which because of the rigidity of the total structure, need only be 2/3 the sign width. Weather ability of this sign to wind, snow and rain is excellent. There is no printing "show thru".

Screen printing is the process utilized in printing both the corrugated plastic signs and plastic coated paperboard signs. Signs are printed flat. The screen printing process affords the greatest economies at the lower to mid-range sign quantities. Both sign types present the rigid, flat sign look. And screen printing offers the greatest color graphics punch.

Although selecting the type of sign for your campaign is not an easy process, it can be less formidable if you think about your priorities (e.g. price, quantity, re-use, image, etc), then let an experienced sign manufacturer walk you through the qualifying process of selection.

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