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The North Carolina Supreme Court suspended candidate filing for all offices for the 2022 primary election. The suspension is primarily a result of issues with the redistricting process.

The Primary and municipal elections were moved from March 8th to May 17, 2022.

31 members of the U.S. are not seeking re-election in 2022.
Sixteen representatives are retiring, 11 are Democrats and 5 are Republicans.
Fifteen US Representatives are running for other offices.
Four Repubs and 4 Dems are seeking U.S. Senate seats, 1 Republican and 2 Democrats are running for Governor.

2022 Senate Seat - Safe to Toss-Ups

 AZ- Mark Kelly (D) – toss up. CO-Michael Bennett (D) – safe; FL-Marco Rubio (R) – probably safe; GA-Raphael Warnock (D) – toss-up; NH – Maggie Hassan (D) – probably safe; NV-Catherine Masto (R) -toss-up; WI-Ron Johnson (R) -toss-up;

2022 Senate elections - safe seats.
AK-Lisa Murkowski (R); CA-Alex Padilla (D); HI-Brian Schatz (D); IA-Chuck Grassley (R); ID-Mike Crapo (R); IL-Tammy Duckworth (D); IN-Todd Young (R); KS-Jerry Moran (R); KY-Rand Paul (R); LA-John Kennedy (R); MD-Chris Van Hollen (D); ND-John Hoeven (R); NY-Chuck Schumer (D); OK-James Lankford (R); OR-Ron Wyden (D); SC-Tim Scott (R); SD-John Thune (R); UT-Mike Lee (R); WA-Patty Murray (D).

2022 Senators not running for re-election
MO – Roy Blunt (R); NC – Richard Burr (D); OH – Rob Portman (R); PA – Patrick Toomey (R); These are all competitive seats. VT – Patrick Leahy (D) This is a safe seat.

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