2019 Candidate List


2019 Candidate List

Political Resources’ has 18 years of experiences collecting
candidate contact information
We have the candidate list you need .

The Affordable and stress-free services that guarantees you a comprehensive and timely
list of 2019 candidates.

Political Resources
CandiDate List Advantages

  • Candidate filing varies from state to state, county to county even town to town.
  • Tracking candidates filing is time consuming, complicated and expensive.
  • Political Resources is flexible – you buy only the state, party & offices you need.
  • Political Resources’ list cost affordable – no price increase 
  • Set up a standing order and updates throughout the election cycle.

2019 LIST Price

$ .10/address
$ .05/phone number
$.10/email address
$200 annual minimum order
Note: Emails and phone numbers are an add on. They are sold with addresses only.


2019 List Includes:

  • Federal Candidates
  •  Statewide and Legislative Candidate
  •  County Candidates
  •  Local Candidates
  •  Judicial Candidates
  •  Down Ballot Candidates
  •   Special Election Candidates

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