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SUPER PACs & LEADERSHIP PACs –with Email|847|$450f

Last Update: 11/1/2015

162 Super PACs w/email & phone
Leadership PACs     
$450 flat rate
Multiple One Year use

Super PACs are Independent Expenditure PACs that owe their existence to the U.S. Supreme Court’s controversial Citizens United v. FEC decision which allows them to accept unlimited contributions if the funds are used exclusively for supporting or opposing the election of a federal candidate, and provided there is no consultation or coordination with the candidate who benefits from the independent expenditure activity.  Most of the list has Email and Phone Numbers attached.  Leadership PACs exist to promote the political goals of a member of Congress who raises funds and distributes the money to fellow lawmaker/candidates.

Excellent for political products and services, catalogs, political journals and material, books, political conferences.

List is sold as a unit.  There are 300 phone numbers and 400 emails included in the SuperPAC file.  It is sold, in conjunction with the LeadershipPAC file,  for a
one-year multiple use by the client.  It may not be resold, repackaged or shared with other organizations.xxx

We receive regularly updates.

Format..................Excel, txt, d-base

95% Deliverable We will pay up to
$.44 per nixie over 5% if returned within 60 days.

DELIVERY: Within 5 working days (2 day rush possible)


  • Sample mailing piece required
  • Pre-payment for first-time users.
  • Commission to recognized brokers
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